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Buildings on Air is a show that demystifies architecture through wild speculation, good conversation, a healthy dose of lefty political perspective, and lots of skepticism about the 'power of design.' Each show features guests from the many different facets of the architecture world in Chicago and beyond.

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Buildings on Air is from WLPN Lumpen Radio and hosted by Keefer Dunn. New episodes broadcast LIVE on WLPN first Saturdays of the month from 2-4pm. 


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Episode 8 - June 3rd, 2017

First up on this episode of Buildings on Air is Doug Spencer chatting with Keefer about his book “The Architecture of Neoliberalism: How Contemporary Architecture Became an Instrument of Control and Compliance.” Next we chat with journalist and two-time Buildings on Air guest Zach Mortice about his recent writings on the landscape architecture of the Obama Library and the preservation crisis of African-American cemeteries. Lastly, it’s the mailbag segment with Ann Lui and Craig Reschke of Future Firm who will answer your listener questions about buildings. Got a home improvement question? Send it in to!

Keefer Dunn